What is the macro programming mouse

The so-called macro programming is that you set the mouse in front of the settings interface set a set of mouse, keyboard action into the mouse memory, the game can be pressed by a key to make a move, save a lot of operation and Prevention and control of misuse, such as CF even jump ghosts, click the mouse machine gun automatically 3 4 with points such as LOL Ryan a key light speed QA blind man touching the eye, you can understand the car's automatic and manual transmission, the largest The purpose is to say that the white is a lot of operation, this stuff is enough for people who can easily reach the speed.

As for what the automatic pressure gun what I do not know can not do, but the pressure gun this stuff will play for some time, at most to improve the machine gun bullets intensive, but it will not improve your headshot accuracy or automatically to aim What 's about.
Hope that these things can be on the macro programming mouse and blood ghost do not understand some help, do not mythical bloody ghost, this thing is just a macro programming mouse, and this thing 10 years ago there is a function, not fresh thing. Of course offline game is forbidden to use


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