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Hp HP GK300 RGB graphics to enjoy mechanical keyboard

In traditional IT and office supplies in the area, HP has a strong influence on the industry, not peripheral products in its core business, with the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, their work and life have a higher exquisite needs, but also benefited from the impact of the gaming industry, HP is the traditional IT industry giants began to work in the peripheral segments force.

Before publishing the protagonist of today GK300 has launched MK910, MK900 keyboard and other machinery, obviously GK300 to have higher product positioning, not only upgrade the RGB lights are also equipped with a waterproof, dustproof structure layer.

In appearance is not difficult to see that our new products do not always inherit the style of HP products, thick black keyboard appeared calm, she kept 486x180x43mm not small, compared to the bottom of the extension of the one-piece metal palm rest design and flanking the bare metal rivet also failed to highlight the tension of the keyboard, with the remainder of the tough body design element was quite restrained, flanked by two metal rivets metal patch, edges, and other details of the transition elements a lot, and the conduction band of white light decoration.

Decorative lights and the top right corner of the keyboard itself projection lines and bare metal mix, giving to various steam punk feel.
On the other hand, the entire surface of the housing to be matte process, highlighting the texture of the dirt while more easily contaminated with fingerprints, relatively easy to manage, using two-color injection molding ABS keycap keycaps, translucent effect guaranteed, plus fonts than normal One big keyboard, clarity will have a better performance.
Select the shaft body uses not common KRGD green axis, to maintain a consistent sound crisp homemade shaft body, but there are other products on the market has long been using this shaft, although the life of 60 million needs to be verified, but it does not use too too worried, so HP has international influence brand in the procurement of components is worthy of recognition.
You can find many from the bottom drainage holes added in the late dismantling learned, in addition to internal waterproof silicone keyboard, and a plastic spacer plates, can value the internal water diversion drainage holes, to reduce PCB board and component damage.

Maintaining the stability of the keyboard, using two large non-slip stickers with three small stickers, support the top two feet and no more slip design, when the supporting foot propped up the bottom two large non-slip stickers from more non-slip effect, the stability is good, gold-plated wire material is a common interface to add shielding magnetic rubber material cable.
HP GK300 is a support for full-color RGB backlighting technology gaming mechanical keyboard, it can be achieved by driving the fifteen kinds of lighting modes and three sets of custom lighting effects, and comes with a huge memory of RGB games, increase the keyboard itself interesting.
Of course, the perfect support RGB1600 million colors custom settings. In addition to adjusting the drive, keyboard shortcuts can be achieved all the lighting effects and custom settings, but not too many keyboard keycap labeling, need more time learning and memory, and custom keys and macro settings necessary gaming players function is also supported.
In everyday use, in addition to superior mechanical keyboard rhythm peculiar green axis brought brilliant lighting effect is a visual treat, keyboard province increased weather-resistant construction, effective in ensuring the service life of the keyboard and special circumstances protective measures, as well as soften the lighting effect that comes with integrated palm rest provide support to alleviate wrist fatigue and palm typing fatigue. Priced at 399 yuan keyboard many details of performance, it is also slightly sincerity.


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